Seru! Inilah 3 Contoh Cerita Liburan Dalam Bahasa Inggris Singkat

Seru! Inilah 3 Contoh Cerita Liburan Dalam Bahasa Inggris Singkat

CETTA – Kamu baru saja selesai liburan? Ingin menceritakan liburan kamu menggunakan bahasa Inggris? Tenang aja! Cetta sudah menyiapkan 3 contoh cerita liburan dalam bahasa inggris singkat.

Setelah membaca contoh yang kami sediakan, harapannya kamu pun bisa membuat cerita liburan kamu yang menarik secara mandiri. Tak ada pola baku untuk bisa menuliskan cerita liburan. Hanya saja memang biasanya menggunakan konsep storytelling.

Selain itu, biasanya akan ada juga percakapan-percakapan sehingga dalam ceritanya akan mengandung tanda kutip (“). Agar kamu lebih terbayang seperti apa contoh ceritanya, yuk langsung simak saja dibawah ini!



Contoh Cerita Liburan ke Pantai Menggunakan Bahasa Inggris

It was the summer of a lifetime when I, Sarah, embarked on a thrilling beach vacation with my best friend, Iwan. We couldn’t contain our excitement as we arrived at the beautiful coastal town of Coral Bay. The salty breeze kissed our faces, and the sound of crashing waves filled the air.

Iwan: “Sarah, can you believe we’re finally here? Look at that crystal-clear water!”

Sarah: “I know, Iwan! It’s like a postcard comes to life. I can’t wait to dive in!”

We quickly settled into our cozy beachside cottage and wasted no time heading straight to the beach. The sand was warm beneath our feet, and the waves beckoned us to jump in.

Iwan: “Race you to the water!”

Sarah: “You’re on!”

We raced to the shoreline, splashing each other along the way. As we swam, laughter filled the air, and the worries of everyday life slowly faded away.

While floating on our backs, gazing at the blue sky, we noticed a group of locals gathering nearby. Curiosity got the better of us, and we decided to approach them.

Sarah: “Excuse me, what’s happening over there?”

Local: “Oh, we’re getting ready for the sunset paddle boarding tour. It’s a magical experience you shouldn’t miss!”

Iwan: “That sounds incredible! We’d love to join.”

We eagerly signed up for the sunset paddle boarding tour, and as the sun began its descent, we found ourselves paddling through calm waters, surrounded by vibrant hues of pink and orange.

Sarah: “Iwan, look at this view! It’s breathtaking!”

Iwan: “I’ve never seen anything like it, Sarah. This is truly paradise.”

As we paddled further, the guide pointed out a hidden lagoon nestled among the cliffs. Intrigued, we maneuvered our paddleboards towards it, feeling the rush of adventure.

Guide: “Welcome to the secret lagoon! Dive in and discover its underwater wonders.”

With excitement bubbling inside us, we plunged into the crystal-clear water. Schools of tropical fish greeted us, and the sight of colorful coral reefs left us in awe.

Sarah: “Iwan, this is like swimming in a living aquarium! It’s absolutely mesmerizing.”

Iwan: “I couldn’t agree more, Sarah. This is the highlight of our trip.”

Reluctantly, we emerged from the lagoon, grateful for the magical experience it had offered. As we paddled back to shore, the sun painted the sky with fiery shades of red and gold.

Sarah: “Iwan, this sunset is the perfect ending to an unforgettable adventure.”

Iwan: “Absolutely, Sarah. I’ll cherish these memories forever.”

We returned to our beachside cottage, hearts full of joy and a sense of fulfillment. The beach vacation had exceeded our expectations and brought us closer than ever.

As we lay on the sand, stargazing under the night sky, we made a promise to return to Coral Bay one day, to relive the magic and create new memories.


Contoh Cerita Liburan ke Kebun Binatang Bahasa Inggris dan

I and Lisa, were excited to visit the zoo with my family. As we arrived, we immediately saw a variety of amazing animals.

Lisa: “Wow, look at that tiger! So powerful and beautiful.”

Dad: “Let’s go see the herd of giraffes. They’re so tall!”

We walked through the zoo, enjoying the sounds of animals and learning about different species. I was thrilled to see monkeys playing and elephants raising their trunks.

Lisa: “Dad, what do you think of the lion exhibit?”

Dad: “They’re truly impressive, Lisa. So strong and majestic.”

After a few hours exploring the zoo, we ended our adventure by watching an amazing dolphin show.

Lisa: “This has been a fun day. I really enjoyed our trip to the zoo.”


Contoh Cerita Liburan Dirumah dalam Bahasa Inggris Singkat

During a vacation, my family decided to have a staycation at home. Even though we didn’t go far, we created unforgettable moments.

We transformed our backyard into a camping area with tents, lights, and a mini bonfire. We sat around the bonfire, sharing stories, and roasting marshmallows.

The next night, we had a movie marathon, arranging the sofa with cozy blankets and pillows. We watched our favorite films, laughed, and enjoyed quality time together.

In the morning, we had a special breakfast with pancakes, scrambled eggs, and fresh juice. We all pitched in to prepare the meal and enjoyed it together at the dining table.

The highlight of the vacation was the “Creative Family Day.” We did various art projects together, such as painting, crafting, and creating art from recycled materials. We unleashed our creativity and had a great time.

Even though we didn’t go far, the staycation at home became the most memorable vacation. We spent quality time together as a family, creating memories that will last forever.



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